People in Montague County took a step back in time Saturday to celebrate history.

Croquet, checkers, hula hoops, not the typical games you see kids playing these days but Saturday was different in Montague County, as the historical society honored the courthouse's 100th birthday.

"We're trying to reflect what it might have been in in 1913 when the court house was accepted," says Montague County Historical Society Chairman, Janis Sneed.

"It's cool, I like seeing what it used to be like, then now a days with modern days technology," says Leo Club President Samual Thomas.

Dozens of people across the county headed out to the courthouse to celebrate the historic occasion.

"We contacted all the communities in the county, weather their barely a community, if they passed away and there is no town anymore but people living there and then the major cities. So we want everyone to feel like they are part of the county history," says Sneed.

And each city had it's own representative as they came together to show county unity.

"Every community in Montague County is showing up and were all carrying flags and they're gonna say our name and I'm representing Stoneburg, we're just showing our appreciation for the last hundred years," says Stoneburg resident David Winingham.

Organizers say they hope the event and the placement of the new historical marker will help keep the county's rich history alive.

"Hopefully it will inspire the young generation to continue the tradition of preserving the past, " says Sneed.

And part of that means preserving the feeling of the classic American small town.

"It's still small town here, it's kinda mayberryish and in fact that's what my son said and I think those times are leaving us, now a days kids are walking around with their phones and they're not looking at historical buildings and the people who have helped bring it here," says Winingham.

Money raised through a raffle and donations will go toward building a dome for the courthouse.

The estimated cost of the project is just more than one- million- dollars.

If you want more information on how you can help out visit the historical society's website.

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