Montague County Deputy Honored with New Vest

Dozens of people gathered at the Montague County Courthouse Annex to welcome Deputy James Boyd back to work.

Once he goes back to patrolling the streets he will do it with a brand new bullet proof vest.

Deputy James Boyd's quiet demeanor took a back seat at the Montague County Courthouse Annex while the spotlight focused on him at this gathering to welcome him back to work.

Evan Ebel, a convicted felon from Colorado, shot him two months ago along Highway 287 in Bowie.

Ebel sped off leaving Boyd unconscious on the ground from a bullet that grazed his forehead.

But this deputy's life was saved by his bullet proof vest.

That vest, which was hit twice, was at the courthouse annex for all to see, along wtih his cell phone that still had a bullet lodged in it.

"I'm kind of in awe to see it. This is the first time I've been able to see all this stuff," says Boyd.

Now, Boyd has new stuff compliments of The Safariland Group, the manufacturer of his vest.

"Anytime an officer is involved in a situation where the vest either saves his life or keeps him from receiving serious bodily injury, we replace the vest for the officer," says Shannon Couch, with The Safariland Group.

This is the vest Boyd selected to wear.

"The fact that it's still just as good as my old one but this one right here it's more malleable and it should breath a little bit better. Probably not much but some," Boyd says.

And Boyd is eager to start wearing in the next few weeks when he returns to patrolling the streets of Montague County.

Safariland officials say Boyd is the 1,844th law enforcement official saved by the company's bullet proof vest since it started more than 20 years ago.

Boyd will return to desk duty this weekend before he's cleared to work patrol.

And aside from getting back onto the streets of Montague County, he says his next priority is to meet and thank Johnson County Sheriff's Detective David Blankenship, who stopped and helped him after he was shot.

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