More Texomans Using Dry Weather Plants

For about a month and a half, residents of Wichit Falls have been abiding by Stage Three Water Restrictions.

As we look for places to conserve water, local nursery owners are pointing out that using dry water plants in your yard could be part of the solution.

"It just makes sense that these plants that have evolved with this climate in these conditions are going to be the best suited to the area." Said Wichita Valley Landscape Owner Paul Dowlearn.

Nurseries like Wichita Valley Landscape have been selling native plants like Salvia for years, knowing that the continually drying conditions would eventually force residents to look for plants that could survive with little watering.

"Going to be more cost effective to water with a hose, of course they use the kind of plants that will live on our normal rainfall and not some exotic plant that needs say twice the rainfall." Said Dowlearn.

With Wichita Falls and those who depend on the city's water supply know knee-deep in stage three drought restrictions, Downlearn is now seeing customers walking through his door already looking for these dry weather-loving plants.

"We're doing pretty good this year, 2011 wasn't good, 2012 wasn't good, we're doing better because of public awareness." Said Dowlearn.

With spring just beginning, optimism is strong that more rain will fall and our lake levels will rise.

"I think things are going to improve, at least that's what we're all hoping and praying for." Said Dowlearn.

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