Moth Fighting Products Selling Out at Local Stores

    While the rest of us have surely been annoyed by the pesky moths that have been constantly flying around lately, some don't mind the recent moth invasion.
    Moth-fighting products, like moth balls, which are used to keep the bugs away from clothing, are flying off the shelves at local stores.
    Ben Barboza, manager of the Walmart on Lawrence Rd. in Wichita Falls, says, "They're up about 200 percent from last year.  Only because I think we have more of a generation of moths than we did last year because we were a lot hotter if we remember."
    David Shoop, with Shoop's Texas Termite, says there's only one word to describe the moth problem, "Horrible.  The moth problem is horrible.  They are going everywhere, mainly to trees.  They're laying eggs.  If anyone opens their doors, they will go inside because the air quality is much better."
    Barboza says this is the season when stores sell a lot of moth balls but stores across the region are seeing a big increase in sales because what experts say is an excessive number of both indoor and outdoor moths this season.
    "The winter, if it's really, really harsh, it will kill out a lot a lot of the moth eggs that are laying in the ground.  The mild winter didn't kill out any, so we have millions of eggs," Shoop says.
    But, Shoop says as soon as the mercury starts climbing, those pesky pests won't be around any longer.
    Shoop does say though that the millions of moths in the area are laying eggs.
    Those eggs will turn into worms, and in the fall, they'll eat up trees, shrubs, and vegetables, so that's something to look out for.

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