MSU Class Takes a Trip to 1971

No e-mail, no Facebook, Google or any social media.

For 24 hours students in an MSU communication's history class went back in time and lived as though it was 1971.

Dr. Jim Sernoe is making a list of "violations" with students in his mass communication history class, common place things today, that most people in 1971 could not even have imagined.

It is experiential learning. I want them to see what it's like in a different era without all of the technology they have which they take for granted now,” he said.

Kayla Sims says she knew being without today's technology would be tough, but wasn't prepared for her cooking habits to change.

She says she often uses a microwave for her meals, but for one day couldn't use that luxury which was not widely available in 1971 and spent more time over a hot stove..

I think our professor was just trying to show us the limitations of 1971 and what people thought was cool back then and just trying to get us to live in their shoes for 24 hours and just try to have an understanding of where they were back then ” she said.

She's learned a lot from her trip back in time, but says 24 hours there was enough.

While Dr. Sernoe says the exercise showed students how much things have changed since 1971, it also also showed them the more things change, the more many things stay the same.

While we may now communicate more on Facebook and social media, we still like to sit down at the McDonald's over big macs and talk face to face, just like in 1971.

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