MSU Continues to Conserve Water and Encourage Students to Conserve

- As the city of Wichita Falls does everything it can to make sure every drop counts, Midwestern State University is battling the drought in it's own way.

School officials are trying their best to educate students and prospective students about the drought, while letting them know that MSU is still a great university to attend.

"When we were in stage 3 restrictions, our board of regents started talking about what we can do. What can we do to do our part to save water, to not using all of our city resources," MSU Director of Marketing Julie Gaynor says. 

Gaynor says they regularly educate students by reminding them to do simple things like turn off the water when brushing their teeth and taking shorter showers.

For many students, this adds a whole new life experience to college life.

"It was just different, something I'm not used too, having to conserve water and not do as much," Sarah Rosinke, a student from Houston, says.

Which is one of the reasons Gaynor says the university has been worried. But she says their enrollment numbers have actually gone up consistently over the past few years and they are hopeful that it stays that way, not only for the good of the university but also for the Wichita Falls community.

"We want MSU to grow, it's going to be vital to our community, just like we want Sheppard to stay. I mean those are going to be things that are very vital to the city," Gaynor says. 

Gaynor says the university also has been keeping up their practice fields by watering them with well water.

They also have a few professors who are working with the city so they can better educate students about the water reuse project.

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