MSU Enrollment Forces Students to Live Off-Campus

- MSU's campus is bustling again with students like Kaitlyn Bosco, heading out to her first set of college classes.

“It's going pretty good, I did my classes this morning and all my professors are really fun and I'm excited,” she said.

MSU officials say the overall student population hasn't grow from last year, but say their freshman class has by more than 200 students.

“We have had three large graduating classes the last three years and we have had two smaller recruiting classes the last three years. So we needed the additional students just to stay even at 5,900,” said Dr. Keith Lamb, the VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment.

And with more freshman that means more students living on campus.

So much so, MSU officials say they've had to outsource and have partnered with an apartment complex off campus to ensure housing for their students.

“The Grove is a student housing complex. While we haven't had an official capacity they have housed MSU students in the past,” said Dr. Michael Mills, MSU's Director of Housing.

Mills says The Grove is housing 93 of their students, making students like Kaityln question where the best place to live is.

“It seemed like it would be kind of difficult because they wouldn't be on campus so everything wouldn't be right there but they have their own personal space so it's kind of easier there that way,” she said.

Even though this year has an overflow of students in need of housing, school officials say they won't look to build any additional on campus housing for a few years at least.

While MSU reports their overall enrollment to be flat, other schools in the area say they are seeing a decline in their enrollment.

Vernon College says their total enrollment dropped 2.4% and Cameron University in Lawton reports a 2-3% drop as well.

School officials believe the decline in enrollment could be because the economy is on the up swing and people are taking jobs rather than going to school.

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