MSU Investigates Professor who Allegedly Forced Students to Make Anti-gun Posters in Class

Midwestern State University officials say they have wrapped up an investigation involving a professor who is accused of forcing students in her class to create anti-gun posters for a personal anti-gun campaign.

The alleged incident took place in one of Assistant Professor Jennifer Yucus' graphic design class.

According to a report by Campus Reform, a complaint was filed by a student in Yucus' class on April 1 stating Yucus made students create art against guns on MSU's campus and art that opposed pending Texas pro-gun legislation that would allow citizens on public university campuses to carry concealed weapons.

The student's artwork was then posted on a Facebook page titled "Anti Concealed Carry on Campus".

The Facebook page has since been deleted.

On Wednesday, I had an interview scheduled with MSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Betty Stewart at 3 p.m. to discuss this issue but was asked to return later because Stewart and other school officials were drafting a response to this incident.

When I returned, Stewart declined to interview with us on camera stating her answers could be found in the news release.

The news release reads:

"Midwestern State University has reviewed information brought forth by a student enrolled in a graphic art class regarding a particular assignment.  The following are the facts as officials of the university have determined them.
On April 1, Assistant Professor of Graphic Art/Design Jennifer Yucus assigned a poster project to her class. Her intent was to draw awareness of the use of graphic art to promote social issues. The professor said that the students could use the topic of anti-guns on campus or anti-violence on campus. Photographs were taken of the students working on the class assignment and later posted to Facebook.
While Yucus's posting of the photos was not intended to promote a specific political point of view, when asked by the administration to remove the images from the internet, Yucus cooperated fully.
It is the opinion of the administration that this issue has been resolved satisfactorily and with the professor's full cooperation."

Our attempts to contact Yucus were also unsuccessful. 

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