MSU Police Say Intruder Enters Female Students' Room Overnight

Midwestern State University Police say a man entered a student dorm room overnight, crawled into bed with the victims, then fled when one of the victims woke up.
According to a police alert sent out to students this morning, the burglary occurred at 4:50 Sunday morning.

A female resident and her female friend were reportedly asleep in their room at MSU's Sunwatcher Apartments.

They say an unknown male entered the unlocked apartment and laid down in a bed with the first victim.

Then a few minutes later, they say the male laid down next to the second victim and put his hand on her leg.

At that point, the second victim reportedly woke up, and the man left.

He's described as a light-skinned black male between the ages of 18 and 24, approximately 5'10", 160-165 pounds, no facial hair, and having a very distinctive chin that sticks out.

The victims say they saw him wearing a black shiny jacket with a hood over his head, black socks that went up to the middle of his shins, and black basketball-like shorts with holes in the material.

If you have information on this situation, call the MSU Police Department at (940) 397-4239.

Students and faculty are encouraged to keep their doors locked, take inventory of their belongings, and be aware of their surroundings.

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