MSU Smart Phone Safety App


When there's danger we are accustomed to calling 911 but there's a new way for students at Midwestern State University to stay safe as they walk around campus especially at night.

Since most students are rarely caught without their cell phone the newest way campus police are offering students a way to stay safe at school is through an app on their smart phones.

This My Force app can turn the smart phones of MSU student into a personal panic alarm.

"The app is good though out the continental United States.  It's not just confined to Midwestern State.  And, we get a lot of students who drive back and forth to Dallas... and if they ever have trouble it's one push of a button on their phone.  It sends an emergency alert to my dispatch center if they're on campus and also to the nation My Force call center in Utah," says MSU Police Chief Dan Williams.

And the app also uses GPS to track the phone and activates the phone's speaker so call center technicians can hear what's going on.

MSU partnered with My Force in June and started offering the app for students.
Some, like Ashley Mims, think it's a great idea.

"There have been times where I have called the police.  Especially as an RA . There's incidents where you have to call them quickly so I think it would be something beneficial, at least for the housing staff," says Mims who is an MSU Junior.

But others, like Emma Davenport, say it's simply not practical.

"Most people have locks on their phones, so are you really going to have time to open it, get to that app, ...cause my phone's slow," Davenport says, who is an MSU Freshman.

"The idea would be to open that app to where it's just a button right there where all you have to do is put your finger on it and it's good to go," explains Chief Williams 

Offering students a way to call for help right at their fingertips.

Chief Williams say no student has sounded the alarm since MSU partnered with My Force.

And while he doesn't know how many have signed up he says he has heard students comment on the cost, which is the discounted price of $99 a year.

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