MSU students hold political debate on national issues

We are now less than two weeks away from the 2012 presidential election and, while the debates between President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney are over, the discussion continued on Wednesday evening as Midwestern State University students debated important national issues.

Representatives for the MSU Democrats and College Republicans were given the opportunity to talk about their parties' viewpoints to a room full of peers.

The student debaters tackled important issues during a student debate.

Debate Coordinator Sarah Long says the debate gives other students a chance to hear from people their own age who may share common views.

"I think its really important for people to have a good grasp of not just what the politics are tellings us and why we should vote for them but really how the community could break it down and interpret what they're saying," Long says.

KFDX anchor Gwyn Bevel served as moderator.

Both sides say they can't stress enough the importance of making it to the polls on election day and making informed decisions rather than choosing which candidate they like best.

College Republicans Chairwoman Laura Gilbert says, "It'll be great if they can hear what's important to us and take that and think about it once they show up to the polls on election day."

Zach Zoet, MSU Democrats representative, says young voters really need to think about what candidate will work best for their future.

"Don't walk away thinking Republican or Democrat," Zoet says. "Walk away thinking, 'I was presented information. I'm going to go online and look at all this information and make a well educated decison on Nov. 6.'"

An election that many present at the student debate say may be decided by America's younger generation.

After the debate, audience members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Some wanted the student representatives to clarify some of the responses President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have made on foreign policy.

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