MSU students weigh in on what they want from the presidential debates

Millions of Americans tuned in to watch that first of three presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday night.

Students at Midwestern State University gathered to watch the presidential debate in the Clark Student Center to hear what each candidate had to say.

Many students are undecided and are waiting for the debates to be over before making a decision but there are some who know who they're voting for.

Kelly Shipley, an education major at MSU, says many students are paying attention to this year's election.

"Even though I'm the older generation college student, I do find that people are interested in it this year," Shipley says. "It's a very, very, very important election so hopefully all the MSU students will get out here and vote."

However, students like Kyle Kramer, a senior studying General Business, hope the debates will focus on what's important instead of attacking each other.

Kramer says, "It's kind of crazy. They're kind of bashing each other. I kind of wish they would just show the positives of what they both have to say to make it easier on us as voters."

Other students like Danielle Good, a Pre-Medical student, say they are waiting for each of the three debates to see how the candidates will affect their futures plans.

"I think if they gave me enough information, like each of their stance, I'm going to go, of course, with whatever one is going to benefit me later on," Good says.

Shipley agrees.

"Definitely going to vote, definitely looking forward to it and hopefully whoever wins, we'll support them either way," Shipley exclaims.

A decision that can only be made if you get out and vote.

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