MSU Teaches Students How to Stay Safe in Shooter Situation

Investigators are still trying to determine why a middle school student in Nevada took a gun to school and opened fire Monday.

A math teacher, heard the gunfire and stepped in and died at the scene.

Two students were also shot before the gunman took his own life.

And with another school shooting in the headlines, school safety again is on the minds of many.

Tuesday afternoon MSU held a presentation to inform students on the proper actions to take in such incidents.

MSU Police Chief Dan Williams says the most important thing is to have a plan and be prepared to act automatically if a situation ever comes up, and these rules apply to any type of building, not just a school.

Part of your plan should be knowing where all exits are in your room and building.

Don't depend solely on law enforcement to help, know you are the primary person in charge of your own survival.

If you are stuck in a room and it doesn't have a locking door, put whatever you can in front of the door to block the shooter.

Mute your cell phone and turn of the lights so the shooter may just pass by the door.

And if you are in a secured,  locked down room do not leave until authorities come to get you, even if they say they are the police do not open the door, let them come in.

Your reaction to the situation could decide if you make it out unharmed.

“Really just to be observant and remain calm, if you panic in a situation it's not gonna help you survive that situation, where as if you can remain calm and rational thinking, then hopefully you can get through it,” says Williams.

If you missed the presentations there will be two more on Wednesday October 30th.

One from 1p.m. to 3 p.m. and another from 6p.m. To 8 p.m.

Both will be held at the Clark Student Center on MSU's Campus in the Shawnee Theatre.

For more information call campus police at 397-4239

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