Murder Suspect Has Profanity-Filled Outburst During Court Hearing

    The murder suspect who lunged at one of our photographers following an October court hearing makes another scene today.
    This time, inside the 78th District Court.
    Jerry Joe Garza is charged in last February's death of Monica Partida, a Wichita Falls mother of three.
    This hearing was for the judge to rule on the defense attorneys' motion to ban the media and the public from all of the suspect's future hearings.
    Judge Barney Fudge ruled against that motion.
    The last time we attended one of Garza's hearings was back in October.
    After we caught him lunging at one of our photographers on video and aired it, defense attorneys filed a motion to ban us and the public from future hearings.
    While Judge Fudge ruled against that motion for today's hearing, the defense did mention they'll bring up the motion again.
    Judge Fudge said depending on the nature of subsequent hearings, he'll consider their motions as they come up.
    Now at today's hearing, Garza, as we've seen him do before, had a profanity-filled outburst, during which he told the judge he didn't want to be there, that he didn't care what the judge had to say, and didn't want to be in front of Assistant District Attorney Dobie Kosub.
    After repeated attempts to silence Garza, Judge Fudge told deputies to do whatever they needed to do to get him under control.
    One of the deputies then put Garza in a head lock.
    Despite that effort, Garza continued his antics and was dismissed from the courtroom.
    Now as for when this case will go to trial, Kosub told the judge he's ready and asked the judge to set the court date so he can inform witnesses when they'll be needed.
    That date has not yet been set.

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