Nestling Great Horned Owl Saved

A young girl gets a hoot when she finds a surprise in her backyard.

The girl, Addison, captured wild bird rescue taking the six week old Nestling Great Horned Owl, after she said the owl fell 20- feet from a tree.

Wild Bird Rescue says the owl's wing and right leg were injured from the fall and is slightly blind.

They plan to rehabilitate the owl, which they say costs a pretty penny.

Especially baby owl species they end up staying at the rescue until September, we try to emulate the same way the parents would until late September before they are released, and the average cost of a baby owl is about 750 dollars just in feed alone,” said Katie Bukowski, the Executive Director at Wild Bird Rescue.

Should the owl be unable to be nursed back to health, Wild Bird Rescue says it will be used as an educational bird.

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