New Business Makes Henrietta Hopeful

Turning to local economic news now

Where a new business in Henrietta has city officials beaming.

City leaders say the company is proof Henrietta's growth is on the up-tick.

Officials in Henrietta say new businesses are seeing more opportunities in small towns and because of that, they say within the next two to three years those businesses could bring more than 200 new jobs to the area.

In the heart of downtown Henrietta a new store is open for business.

"From your first time single shot 22riffle, to suppressors and machine guns there is nothing we won't carry," said Justin O'Malley, the owner of O'Malley Arms.

As the name implies O'malley Arms sells fire-arms, and plenty of them.

It's not so much about what products O'Malley is selling however, but where he's selling them

"Henrietta needs a lot as economic growth but this is the beginning," he said.

A beginning which the city is excited to see.

"Henrietta is going forward, no doubt. We have new businesses that paperwork is being finalized right now and jobs are going to be created," said Rick Langford, the Henrietta Economic Development Director.

It's people like O'malley who are creating those businesses.

And he says he knows just what it takes.

"Starting to build a loyalty and getting people here to shop here locally again, I think Henrietta is in the right spot," O'Malley said.

The right spot to shop locally as well as a good place for on-line buyers to purchase products..

O'malley says while he hopes to sell many of his guns on-line, Henrietta offers just the right type of economic soil to plant his business root.

Another business that's coming to Henrietta is the Montz Pecan Shed.

And Langford said the Silver Creek Mobile Plant just recently sold as well.

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