New businesses have eyes on Henrietta, creating new jobs

Cities and towns across Texoma are slowly starting to rebound from the sluggish economy.

Henrietta's bottom line is about to get a big boost as new businesses start moving in and new jobs are created.

Several businesses are either planning to relocate or expand in or around Henrietta which has both city leaders and business owners excited about the future.

Rick Langford, economic development director the City of Henrietta, says the new businesses will have a huge impact on the small community.

"The last several years have affected us economically as well as any other town," Langford says. "We need that money to keep our community operating. We need new people coming in to share the expenses of operating the city."

One of the businesses moving in is Blue Ridge Trailers, out of Canton, Texas.

The company builds equipment to haul cars.

Blue Ridge purchased the Silver Creek plant, a 122,000 square foot building in Henrietta, and hopes to relocate and expand by the end of the year.

Phil Herndon, owner of Blue Ridge Trailers, says they needed room to expand and the building was just what they were looking for.

"We're in the process of building a smaller line of trailers and we needed the extra space," Herndon says. "It'll take some time to get that off the ground expand but we're just wanting to expand to hit a bigger market."

Both Herndon and Langford are excited about what the new jobs could mean for the area.

Herndon says, "We'll probably have 10 to 20 people working in the plant to start with and it'll go upwards as the beat goes, we'll probably have upwards of 100 people within three years."

"We've lost so much over the years to larger cities or other larger metropolitan areas that are close to us," Langford exclaims. "We're glad to see some interest coming into Henrietta."

Langford adds, "We're open for business."

Also, Langford says another manufacturing company has bought land outside the city limits and that company is expected to create 100 more jobs.

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