New Drought Forecast: Drought Improvement By Halloween (New Video)

The United States Drought Monitor has released their latest information in drought forecasting and it indicates improvement soon.

The forecast is put out on a regular basis and the latest forecast issued July 17, 2014 indicates the drought in Texoma should improve by Halloween of 2014.

This is the first drought improvement forecast for Texoma in a long time according to the Drought Monitor.

The forecast time period is July 17, 2014 through October 31, 2014.  During this time period it puts all of Texoma's Oklahoma counties as well as eastern Texoma, counties along the Red River (including Wichita Falls) and northwest Texoma in the category forecast of "Drought remains but improves."

Up until this time our entire area has been in the "Drought persists or intensifies."

Southern and southwest Texoma remains in the "Drought persists or intensifies" category.

But this is seen as the break in the drought forecasting that we have been waiting for.

Although there is no written evidence that this change in the forecast is related to the current El Nino forecast for the Earth.  One can make a general coorelation in the forecast calling for drought improvement and the general on set of El Nino conditions during the same time period.

Overall, things are looking better and good news is good news.

KFDX Meteorologist Bryan Rupp

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