New Phone App for Bailbondsman

One local bailbondsman is introducing her clients to a new phone application that can actually send an alert to your bailbondsman, notifying them of your arrest before the handcuffs are even slapped on.

Cheryl Gillem, owner of Cheryl's Bailbonds in Wichita Falls was looking for an easier way to connect with her clients.

Help came when she discovered a Bailbondsman Ap from the company One Solution that would allow her clients to check in, see court dates and pay fines, all from their phones.

"Everything today is going to the phone, we don't pick up the phonebook so if we have it right there for them they don't have to search for anythin, we're right there when they need us." Said Cheryl Gillem.

Her clients can download the Ap for free and after entering their information, have a wealth of resources in their hands, including a panic button for when they are about to be apprehended by police.

"If they're going to jail all they do, hit one button. I have an e-mail telling me who's going to jail and who I need to call to help them, I'm already working on getting them out of jail before they ever get to jail." Said Gillem.

Gillem says she's not the only one benefitting from this technology as it lowers the workload placed on local authorities who must track down warrants and house inmates.

"A lot of people if they know that ahead of time will turn themselves in making the process better. Easier on the Sheriff's Department, easier on the jail, easier on the judge, easier on us and themselves." Said Gillem.

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