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New Texoma dining option focuses on fresh and local

WICHITA FALLS - Good for the environment, the local economy and your stomach.

Three things farm to table Fox Hill Restaurant and Garden is doing differently.

The house on a hill.

"I kept driving by this place when it was for sale," John Hirschi, Fox Hill Restaurant and Garden owner, said. 

It was the beginning of Hirschi's dream for a farm to fork restaurant. 

"I've been an organic gardener forever," Hirschi said.

Hirschi's involvement in the international movement started many years ago in Italy called slow food.

"That philosophy is what created Fox Hill," Hirschi said. "I mean we wanted people to come in, slow down, relax and enjoy their food."

Also seeing Hirschi's vision for the two story house, general manager, Shawn Sharif. 

"I was introduced to John Hirschi and I saw his passion for healthy food and the environment and I got asked to come and help him," Sharif said. 

Along with buying fresh food from the area, they're also growing their own food on the 8-acre property and because of this Shariff and Hirschi said the menu will change depending on the season. 

"I want people to enjoy their food and to realize that we're sustaining local agriculture as much as we possibly can so we've got any number of people that are supplying locally as well as what we're growing ourselves," Hirschi said.

So far, they say they've received positive reviews from their customers.

"People come here and they get very excited about the environment and the house, and when they see the food and the menu, they go, 'Wow!' That's what we want," Sharif said. 

But enjoying the fresh food is only the beginning of Hirschi's hopes for his customers..

"I hope that they bring that into their own lives. Slowing down a little bit and not feeling so rushed in their life and eating better quality food. It improves their life. That would be my hope," Hirschi said.

For more information on reservations, click here

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