New York Jet David Nelson Shares His Story with First Baptist

- A New York Jet returned to his Texoma home town Sunday to share his story on Father's Day.

One of wide receiver David Nelson's goals is to bring hope to the fatherless. So he started a foundation in Haiti called "i'm ME." 

Former Petrolia football standout, David nelson, has a lot to be proud of.

But this current wide receiver for the New York Jets has humbled himself, with a mission, one that is close to his heart this Father's Day.

"It started on a mission trip. You know I had a powerful encounter with a kid, an orphan who doesn't have anything and to make a long story short the kid didn't ask for anything from me he just wanted me to hold him. And it was a powerful exchange for me to realize that these kids who don't have anything the greatest need for them is love."

He started the mission i'm ME with his brothers, helping orphans in Haiti find homes.

Nelson shared his story with First Baptist in Wichita Falls Sunday morning.

And it's a story that tugged on the heart strings of many.

"This is somebody who has everything and has given up a lot to serve, to give back to people who don't have what he has or what we have," First Baptist member Kyle Rasmussen said.

Nelson says it's the hope that these orphans have, that inspires him to serve.

"A lot of these kids have more hope in their pinky then I have in my entire body. And these kids have so much joy and appreciate the day and appreciate the moment that is given to them, because they don't know how much more they have," Nelson said. 

But he says his main goal with his work in Haiti is to give each child a chance to be heard.

"I want to give a voice to the voiceless, I want to give a child who doesn't feel like eh has a chance to explain himself and who has a story, to give him a story," Nelson said. 

And Nelson says as he shares his mission with others, his only hope is that it will inspire others to act, and to join him in giving a voice to the voiceless.

Nelson also asked a few things of the congregation today. He asked for prayer for himself and his brothers, as well as his organization in New York and for donations.

If you're interested in donating you can visit the i'm ME website.

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