No More Outdoor Plants For Lowe's

- Spring is here but with water restrictions across Texoma and little to no rain, there's not near as much spring landscape and garden planting going on as in past years.

There's one thing you won't find in the Wichita Falls Lowe's you find in most Lowe’s around the nation: outdoor plants. Managers say it was a choice they discussed thoroughly with the city and their corporate office and they all agreed as the drought the continues it was best for everyone involved.

There are no flowers, no shrubs and no trees.

“Normally we are packed with a lot of flowers, shrubs, plants everything you could possibly think of but to keep those plants alive we have to water,” says Commercial Sales Specialist Mike Sharp.

Water that management felt the city of Wichita Falls could not spare.

“We had so many days that the temperatures were above triple digits so we just tried to keep up watering them and it wasn't happening,” says Sharp.

So now the store is only carrying indoor plants, a change Commercial Sales Specialist Mike Sharp says hasn't produced many complaints or backlash.

“I think customers are kind of with us on this because we're all trying to save the water as much as we possibly can,” says Sharp.

And even though customers seem to be on board with the change, losing about one third of their spring business has affected the store's bottom line. Although they would not talk specifics, managers say last year they lost a big portion of their revenue because of low plant sales and they expect this year's loss to only get worse.

Now some other retailers are making changes as well, Public Works Director Russell Schrieber says the city did meet with all three Wal-Mart stores in town and they agreed to try and capture as much rain water as they could to water the few plants they are stocking now.

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