No Text Zone-Car Technology Created To Eliminate Texting And Driving

According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving is the cause of 25 percent of car accidents.
And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it's six times more dangerous than drinking and driving.
It's statistics like these which have car companies creating new ways to stop people from texting while driving.
And now car companies are helping us keep our eyes on the roads by performing tasks many of us catch ourselves doing while we drive.

Stepping into a vehicle can be a dangerous thing, especially when the driver's hands are holding something beside the steering wheel.
But now, car makers are producing new technologies to help curb the texting and driving problem.
"They want to stay away from having to go for their phone, reaching for their phone and using their fingers they would rather have voice recognition," said Anthony Patterson, the General Manager at Patterson Honda.
It's a feature found in the new Honda Accord.
Using the Intelligent Multi Information Display, or "i-mid" drivers can have their text messages and even emails read to them.
And just by using the scroll wheel or a button on the steering wheel, drivers can choose an automatic response to send right back.
"It's safety and convenience. Safety so you can keep both hands on the stirring wheel and both eyes on the road and the convenience so you can do everything with voice recognition," Patterson said.
And while the technology is new he says it's the way of the future.
"I believe it will be put in all the vehicles. It will be a mandatory thing that will be regulated by the government," he said.    
Keeping you safe,  one text at a time. 
The technology does require a cell phone that has blue tooth capabilities, but the "i-mid" can be found in the base car model making it more affordable and accessibly.

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