NTSB Report Sites Drinking in Lake Nocona Helicopter Crash

A National Transportation Safety Board report gives the account of what happened when a helicopter crashed into Lake Nocona nearly six months ago.

The crash happened on September 30th with the pilot and one passenger receiving minor injuries and the second passenger uninjured.

According to the report, the non-certified pilot, identified as Darren Fenoglio of Montague County, says he heard a buzzer and saw lights flash on the control panel before the chopper's engine failed and it crashed into the lake.

That could have been an indication of low fuel or other problems but the report states his two passengers say they heard nothing.

It states one passenger told authorities he had about six beers before the flight, and the other two about the same.

The second passenger says they flew for about an hour when the pilot said they should head back to the airport before the fuel ran out.

He says they were about 40 feet above the lake before it crashed.

Local authorities reported recovering multiple cans and bottles of beer that floated from the wreckage.

The NTSB report also says both fuel tanks on the chopper were empty.

The FAA says Fegnolia was issued a third class airman medical certificate in 2008 but it was later revoked due to falsification of records.

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