Obamacare Signup Still Marred with Problems

- Eleven days ago open enrollment started for the federal government's Affordable Healthcare Act. Day one was marred with lots of glitches and problems but are those glitches now gone?

Dead ends and roadblocks on the government's website, Healthcare.gov, may have opened somewhat but frustration remains. In fact, one application counselor says she still has not had a single client who has been able to signup.

Millions of Americans are estimated to have logged onto the health insurance exchange during the first week of enrollment. Many had problems. And eleven days later problems still exist.

Stephanie Knisley is a certified applications counselor who is trained to answer questions about healthcare plans on Healthcare.gov. But she doesn't have the answer to the sign up woes. She works out of Community Healthcare Center and says some clients have been able to set up a username and password on the website.

"When they go back in to sign in again it says somethings about their user name is not working.  It's just technical glitches but eventually you can get in again," Knisley says.

Kinsley says she doesn't know of any client who's been able to actually sign up for health insurance. Kelly Fristoe, of Financial partners, says he has had success with a few clients but the same cannot be said for those who want to find out if they qualify for subsidies to help pay for coverage.

He says those people haven't even been able to get to  the page that lets them know if they qualify for the subsidies. The government is still working on the problems while many of the country's estimated 50 million uninsured Americans keep waiting and trying to sign up.

Continued problems accessing Healthcare.gov is not the only issue facing people who need insurance. Consumer experts say the numbers of scammers seeking private information is growing, making even more people hesitant to sign up.

And to make matters worse, officials say people who have tried to call the Federal Trade Commission to report scam artist cannot get through now that phones there aren't being answered because of the government shutdown, but you can call and report it to your local Better Business Bureau.

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