Officials Confirm Two More West Nile Cases in Bowie

    This time each year, people around the country are on the alert about West Nile Virus.
    Dr. Delbert McCaig, who's a physician in Bowie, says, "West Nile Virus creeps in every year.  It has been since 1999 when it was first detected in New York."
    Dr. McCaig says the virus has claimed one life in Montague County.
    "We did have one man die.  He died of a coronary event, but it was found later that he did have West Nile positive."
    Now, two more people have tested positive for the virus, and are being treated.
    Dr. McCaig says some people worry that West Nile is more prevalent this year than in years past, but he says that's not true.
    "The reason we're finding it in Bowie is because we're sensitive and we look.  If you don't look for something, you obviously don't find it."
    Montague County has conducted multiple tests looking for mosquitoes that carry West Nile.
    While many of those have come back negative, a couple came back positive.
    Dr. McCaig says the odds of contracting West Nile are one in 150.
    "If you're getting bit a lot, if your occupation requires you to be around mosquitoes and get bit a lot, the more likely you are to contract it," he says.
    According to the Texas Department of Health Services, there have been 783 reported cases of West Nile in Texas this year and that includes 31 deaths.
    Dr. Mccaig says the best thing you can do to make sure you and your loved ones steer clear of the virus, is to remember the "Four D's": deet, dusk and dawn, dress, and drain.
    Use insect repellent with deet when outdoors in infested areas.
    Mosquitoes are most active during dusk and dawn, so stay inside if possible.
    If you have to be outside during these times, try to wear long sleeve shirts and pants.
    Also drain all standing water around your house, no matter how small the amount.

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