Oil and Gas Experts Address "Industry's Biggest Problem"

    The United States produces about seven million barrels of oil per day, but uses nearly three times that much.
    Alex Mills, the president of Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, says, "Accessibility on the domestic production is critical because if we can't drill, we can't find.  If we can't find, we can't produce.  If we can't produce, we have to import from somewhere else, and you may not like those options."
    John Hofmeister is the founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy and the former president of Shell Oil Company.
    He says the federal government is to blame for high energy prices.
    "We used to produce 10-million barrels of oil a day in this country.  Let's go back to producing 10 million barrels a day.  We know where it is.  We know how to produce it.  Let's get the access to make it happen."
    That's part of the five-point plan he's promoting across the country.
    He also says natural gas should be used for trucking more often, drivers should use methanol whenever possible, and car companies should continue to produce higher mileage vehicles.
     He also says if the country learns to depend on oil production from Mexico and Canada through the Keystone Pipeline, energy prices will go down.
    Hofmeister says he continues to meet with politicians to push for the adoption of his plan.
    "They're not energy experts.  I don't expect them to be energy experts.  They need to listen to people who are on behalf of the economy of the American nation, on behalf of American energy security, national security, and on behalf of the lifestyles we enjoy as Americans."
    Hofmeister says every president since President Nixon has promised to work on energy independence, but none has
followed through.
    He says it has taken that long to get to where we are today, which is nearly $5 per gallon of gas in some states.

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