Olney Residents Hope to Raise Money to Open City Pool

The effects of the ongoing drought have taken its toll on many aspects of people's lives in Texoma.

In Olney, stage four water restrictions forced city leaders to shut down their pool but a group is hoping to fill the pool with the help of residents.

The group of Olney residents is ready to start raising funds to fill the pool if they get permission from the city council next week.

Christy Watkins, an Olney resident who wants the pools open says the city can't afford to pump its own water into the pool.

She wants to change that by petitioning the Olney City Council to allow local residents to raise the money needed to get the pool open for summer.

"This is all they have here in Olney during the summer," Watkins says. "That is their only summer fun. It's important to me to provide my daughter with memories during the summer."

She says, "It's going to come from me and the other moms going out with flyers raising awareness and hoping and begging businesses that they would donate even $20."

Watkins says it will cost at least $1,200 to buy the water and then they face the obstacle of finding an economical way to transport the water back to Olney.

"It's going to take 120,000 gallons of water to just fill the pool and then we have to maintain water level throughout the summer, about 140,000 gallons for the entire summer," Watkins says. "If the city approves, they're going, they'll provide all the maintenance and they'll pay for the employees and the lifeguard. They're going go forth as if they were opening the pool on a normal summer." 

Watkins hopes community donations will help unlock these gates to a fun summer in Olney.

The Olney City Council will vote on the matter on Monday, June 10 at 6 p.m.

If approved and enough money is raised, Watkins says the Olney pool could be opened as early as June 17 and it will only cost $1 to get in.

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