One Arm Dove Hunt

- There is an estimated 1.7 million amputees in the U.S and for 42 years now the One Arm Dove Hunt has been bringing them together.

It's not your typical vacation destination, but every year dozens of people can't wait to get to the small Texoma town of Olney.

“Just like a big family reunion when we come, visiting seeing everybody again.” 

And for people like Robert Ratliff it's what he doesn't have that makes him and the rest of these folks a family.

“There are just so few of people missing upper limbs, because the fact is the people who have all their limbs can't relate to us because the fact is everything that is made is made for people with two limbs,” said Tommy Fergerson, another amputee.

For 42 years now amputees have been coming together for an activity made for two hands, and instead do it with one.

The One Arm Dove Hunt is a competition, but Jack Northrup, the co-founder of the event, says that's only on the surface.

“We are here to help each other out towards a better way of life, especially new amputees when they come and we can show them this is how we do this, how you do that. I do it this way, he may do it a little differently,” he said.

“You realize that you are not in this alone. There are other people out there who are overcoming lots of different things and there are just extraordinary people of how they have overcome the different things they've had. It's basically all perspective of how you look at things, it's keeping around people that are positive and its keeping around people that think what's happened happened, you can't change it, and you move on,” said Fergerson. 

And for this weekend filled with laughter each and every year, they aren't seen for what they don't have, but for what they do have and they share it with each other.

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