This year, Castaway Cove visitors have made a splash in a different type of water.
As the summer season wraps up, the park is continuing to operate using well water instead of Wichita Falls city water.
Mechell Dixon spoke with park managers and joins us with more on how using well water is far from the norm in the water park industry.

Castaway Cove managers say other water parks have contacted them to ask how they've managed to do it all summer.
And officials say there isn't a big difference between operating a park with city or well water but they do say well water is causing employees to work more hours than normal.

Whether lounging or horsing around, the pools at Castaway Cove are inviting to visitors on these hot summer days.
But for mangers, this water takes on a whole new meaning.
It's well water the city pays for and stores in these four 3,000 gallon tanks.
And managers say a contracted water hauling company typically fills them twice a day, which is a timely task.

"By the time they fill up and come back, normally it's about 4 to 5 hours to get all 12,000 gallons filled up," says Steve Vaughn, director of operation at Castaway Cove.

Steve Vaughn says this water is used to top off the pools either before the park opens or after it closes, which requires extra work from employees.

"You're having to add a little bit more labor time because it takes about three hours to empty the tanks here and you've gotta keep somebody here watching it and turning the pumps off," Vaughn says.

Wichita Falls city leaders budgeted about $70,000 to for the purchase of well water this season.
Park managers say since Castaway Cove opened in May about $40,000 has been spent on 585,000 gallons of well water to keep this park afloat this summer.
And it's something the manager say is making Castaway Cove somewhat of a conversation piece.

"I've had a lot of friends of mine that run other parks and everything and they've called and this is kind of a new adventure that no other park has had so far," Vaughn adds.

Managers say they obviously use less water on rainy or cool days which our area had last month.
And Castaway Cove will continue buying well water to keep the water fun going until it closes for the season on September 7th.

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