Operation Santa Claus to Present 1500 Kids with Presents

With your help 15-hundred Wichita Falls kids will have a present to open underneath their Christmas tree on Christmas morning. 

More than 100 Operation Santa Claus volunteers gathered and loaded 550 plastic bags with toys. The Wichita Falls Fire Department and Professional Firefighters Association do it for the children of our community who would otherwise go without this Christmas. 

Rusty Sheppard with Operation Santa Claus explained, "All of your friends throughout the neighborhood, they have several toys. They're out riding their bicycles. They're playing with their toys and you didn't get anything. This is our way of making sure every child has a toy for Christmas so that they really don't feel left out and it makes them feel like they're loved and special." 

Toys will be delivered this weekend so parents have plenty of time to get them under the tree. If you would like to donate a toy to Operation Santa Claus, you can do so by dropping them off at any Wichita Falls Fire Station or by calling Kathy at 761-7901.

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