Parents React to Recommended Closure of Wichita Falls Jr. High

Barwise Junior High is 56 years old.

And while some parents have mixed emotions about the recommendation that this school close Wichita Falls school officials say there is still a lot to weigh before they consider taking that action.

As Barwise Junior High students joyously poured out of the school for the summer break some parents did not sound so joyous after hearing consultants recommendation to close and sell the property.

"We just moved here about a year ago and my daughter really likes that school and my son is gonna go here as well so I think they should keep this school here," says Rocio Coy, parent of a Barwise Jr. High student.

"If it's better for the kids, why not? Go for it. We need to realize that this is our future. .. the kids and we need to do it for them. Whatever goes for the kids, high five," says parent Lydia Bustillos.

"Barwise is a good school. It's not a bad school. They've got good programs so I wouldn't see why they want to close it," adds parent, Tommy Summer.

School officials say closing the school is just a recommendation from consultants.

In March we caught up with them as they inspected all 41 schools in the district so they could make suggestion on how officials can improve overall education for students.

Officials say when it come to Barwise, the age of the school and enrollment from the district's School Choice Program played a factor in why consultants are recommending it close.

But Dr. John Frossard stresses the the board is a long way from making a final decision.

"We'll reconvene with the board and they'll narrow down some of the potential options cause what they're gonna do is form a Community Facilities Action Team, known as the CFAT, and give them four or five options to consider and study as community leaders," explains Dr. Frossard.

Dr. Frossard says the district will hold several meetings to get the public's opinion on the possible closing of Barwise and other closure recommendations before board members make their final decision and put together a bond proposal for next May.

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