P.A.S.S. Program Tested at MSU

- As MSU students learn their new class schedules they're also getting information on how they can help save lives.
That's being made possible through a Facebook App.

Facebook and college students go hand in hand but so do drinking and partying. So, when it comes to curbing drinking and driving among MSU students TxDOT is teaming with MSU and utilizing a Facebook app to get students to pass.

The start of the fall semester at MSU brought a push to put the brakes on drinking and driving. And it all centers around this Facebook app called P.A.S.S.

It's developed by TxDOT, which is partnering with just three Texas universities to test it out.

"They asked if we were willing to be one of the pilot programs in the state to see how this program went to help them kick it off so we decided to participate," says MSU Police Chief Dan Williams.

The app integrates with Facebook's existing event-planning component. It enables users' friends to coordinate and locate sober drivers, as well as find out how many passengers they can carry with friends who plan to drink. So, what do students think about the app?

"That's a pretty good idea.  I don't know if it's gonna have much effect cause some people are really stubborn but whatever works," says MSU student Blossom Odemudia.

"I think they should focus more on the bigger party schools cause we're not even close to a Texas State, Texas Tech or any of them," adds MSU student William Kelly.

But police officials say drinking and driving does happen among MSU students. In fact, Chief Dan Williams talked about the numbers since two months ago.

"We probably had 20 or 30 referrals to our disciplinary process for drinking, which out of 5,500 to 6,000 students, that's not bad but like I said, if we can at least get the point across to one person and possibly make them think and save a life, then it's worth the time and effort," Chief Williams adds.

Again the P.A.S.S. Facebook app is being tested at three state universities-- MSU, University of North Texas and University of Texas at Brownwood.

And TxDOT officials say the popularity with students will determine if other colleges and universities will be added.

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