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Pat Fallon holds 'Thank You' event in Wichita County

WICHITA FALLS - Republican Nominee Senate District 30th Representative Pat Fallon said one of the biggest issues facing Texas right now is border security. 

Fallon was in Wichita Falls to personally thank Wichita County voters for helping him win the Republican primary. 

He also talked to voters about the future of Wichita County and Texas. 

Fallon said there are several issues facing the state and near the top is people crossing the border illegally.

He said it's creating stress on health and human resources.. which is the largest part of Texas' budget.

Fallon said narcotics smuggling is also a huge problem. 

"It's coming across the Texas border more so than any other because we have the biggest border with Mexico and Mexico has become a narco-state," Fallon said. "I mean, the Mexican cartel is running that country. You ask anybody in law enforcement that deals with these issues and they'll tell you that upwards of 95 to 98 percent of the federales in Mexico are corrupted by the cartels."

Fallon said everyone should want the federal government to control the border instead of the cartel. 

Come November, Fallon's Democratic opponent will be a city councilor from Bridgeport.

Kevin Lopez worked as a firefighter for the Arlington Fire Department for 14- years before becoming a city council member.

In previous interviews, Lopez named education as his top priority.

If elected, Lopez said he'd like to increase funding for trade classes to create a diverse job market for the region.

Lopez said he'd also like to bring in new jobs in the manufacturing sector by better high- speed internet infrastructure.


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