PBS Documentary puts the Curtiss Jenny and Wichita Falls in the Spotlight

A production crew was in town early this morning at Kickapoo Airport capturing the story about a special plane and a special place.

Looking through his lens Dorrian Walker recreates history.

He's the producer of a PBS documentary featuring the Curtiss Jenny.

A plane built in the early 1900's designed by Glenn Curtiss and the Wright Brothers.

"Like our model T's that we have, it is the very latest in engineering 95 years ago. The engine is called an OX5 and the old rock arms jumping up and down, that was the very latest in aeronautical engineering at that time," said Bob Seabury.

It was also a time when world war one pilots earned their wings.

"Men who climbed into these cock pits at all temperatures were really not only fighting nature but fighting there nerves as well," said Elaine Walker.

34 men lost their lives learning to soar, and it all happened right here in Wichita Falls.

Bob Seabury, a world war two veteran himself, wanted to pay tribute to those men and the place where their lives were cut short.

So he collaborated with Peridot Pictures to make his dream a reality.

"I just thought we gotta do something. What could we do that would properly honor those, that occasion. Pilot training took place right here in Wichita Falls. We don't have a Pikes Peak, we don't have an Alamo, but we have Call Field. We have one of the very first pilot training bases in America," said Seabury.

So as the jenny takes flight, it once again takes the spotlight as the first mass produced plane in American history.

And the legacy of Call Field and Wichita Falls is captured in full color for future generations.

The Museum of North Texas actually owns the jenny, which is just one of six "Jennies" still flying in the world.

And if you haven't gotten the chance to see the jenny in action don't worry.

It flies on the first Saturday of every month at Kickapoo Airport around 10 a.m. weather permitting.

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