People Spend the Labor Day Holiday at Lake Arrowhead

"Roughing it" doesn't always gel well with everyone,

But for families visiting Lake Arrowhead roughing it gives them a perfect opportunity to spend time together.

"We've set all this up to where this is the table that kind of gets everything. This is the stove, it's set up here and then all the things that we need we have the radio and the fan."

It's by no means a place of luxury.

But for the weekend the Dominguez family is calling, this tent, and the Lake Arrowhead camping grounds home.

" I owed a camping trip to my daughter and then we said okay this is the last weekend we have we might as well make it a good one," said Leo Dominquez from Fort Worth.

It's the family's first camping trip but they say they've already made plans to come back.

"We got our park pass yesterday. Texas puts so much emphasis and interest in the good budget onto the parks so it's a really good thing," he said.

Texas parks and wildlife says the labor day weekend always brings in an abundance of people, like Joseph Brown who has been coming out for the past four years.

"Three days off and it's just a good time to meet new people and see what everyone else is doing around here," Brown said.

Shooting Nerf guns and playing Badminton, the Labor Day Weekend seems to be the last breath of summer before kids find themselves back in the classroom.

Which is why the Dominguez family is taking it all in.

On their bikes they ride through the park soaking up all that is left of the summer sun.

Remembering how just one simple promise brought them to their weekend home.

Many campers today say it's been rather hot this weekend at the camp grounds but they wouldn't let the temperatures ruin their weekend fun.

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