Perez Sentenced to Life in Prison

Convicted sex offender, 69-year-old Antonio Perez, will never be a free man again. After he was sentenced today, some of the victim's family members gave emotional statements.
The jury only deliberated for a little more than an hour before coming back with their punishment recommendations.Perez will go to prison for life for two counts of sexual assault, one without the possibility of parole.He was also sentenced to 20 years on each of the three counts of indecency.
Antonio Perez will spend the rest of his life behind bars for sexually assaulting two young girls. 
The prosecution believes his punishment sends a clear message to other child predators.
"It's some things that we don't want to believe are out there," said Bret Benedict, Wichita County Assistant District Attorney. "But has been shown over the last six weeks like you mentioned, there are people like that out there and they do need to be held accountable for what they do." 
There were many emotional moments during the trial.
"Well we work very hard, but again, that's from the point-of-view of trying to do what's best for the victims and looking out for their interests, protecting their rights and that's what we continue to do every single day," Benedict said. 
Following the sentencing, family members had these things to say to Perez.
The father of one of the victims says his daughter has to sleep with the radio on to block out what Perez did to her. He reminded Perez that he committed crimes against his own sisters.
He also told Perez that he forgave him but that if he had caught him in the act he would have beat him. He encouraged perez to find Jesus.
The other statement came from one of the victim's mothers who said Perez hurt her daughter and that the young girl would never be able to get her innocence back. She then told Perez he knew what he was doing was wrong.
Perez's defense attorney said he thinks the punishment was excessive. He had this to say about the statements made by the victim's family members.
"You could have seen by the emotional impacts statements what the result would have been had this case been tried out on the street," Bob Estrada said. "It's important that we have juries make these decisions as an independent trial fact and that's what happens." 
Estrada said he doesn't think his client has anything to lose by appealing his conviction
We'll keep you posted if and when that happens.

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