Plaintiffs Testify in Christ Academy Wrongful Termination Case

    Testimony continues in the case of two former employees of a Wichita Falls private school who claim they were terminated because of their gender.
    The witness stand was occupied most of the day Wednesday by the two women who filed the gender discrimination and retaliation suit against Christ Academy.
    Keven Robertson, the former headmaster, and Robbie Kelly, the former development director, testified the school terminated their employment because they're women.
    Robertson testified she suffered mental anguish as a result of her firing.
    She said she felt like she lost her identity and her joy.
    She also said she saw emails between school's athletic director, Tommy Sugg, and one of the school's biggest donors, during which they talked about terminating Kelly's employment before her contract was up.
    Both women claim Sugg's relationship with that donor influenced board members to terminate their employment.
    They claim Sugg made several discriminatory remarks about needing men in the school's top positions.
    Kelly was in charge of raising money for construction of a new school building.
    She said she was not given a timeline or deadline for raising the $12-million the school needed to rebuild and relocate.    She testified that no board of trustee member expressed dissatisfaction with her work, so she was shocked when board members told her she wasn't raising funds as quickly as the school needed and that was one of the reasons her contract was terminated.
    She says she was also told her position was eliminated to free up more funds for the school.
    Kelly says a man was then hired to handle the fundraising.
    Christ Academy lawyers maintain a man volunteered to handle the fundraising and was not compensated for his work.
    Kelly also testified that a parent of a Christ Academy student sent a letter to the school, stating that Kelly's presence at a local restaurant, along with two other school employees, was inappropriate because they had a lot of alcoholic beverage glasses on the table.
    She says a board member later told her that incident was another reason she was fired, though the incident happened two years earlier.
    She says many people had been sitting at the table with them earlier that night which is why there were so many glasses on the table.

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