Police Check Sex Offenders for Halloween Activities

It's about that time when things around you may give you a fright.

“Lots of chainsaws, blood and gore and big spiders, and things jumping out at you,” said Leslie Alexander, who's shopping for Halloween costumes.

“Blood, guts, the shock value, if you can get some shock in there that is usually the best,” said John Barnhill, another shopper.

With haunting masks and bloody scenes folks seem to go to the extreme just to give you a good scare.

“The heart races and then you settle down for a minute then something else gets you and it's like it never ends,” said Alexander.

But authorities say the ones behind the mask aren't necessarily the ones you need to be worried about.

Wichita Falls Police say there are currently 154 registered sex offenders living in the city limits.

Every month they do random checks, but in October the department does a 100% compliance check before kids go door to door to trick-or-treat.

“So we checked 100% of our registered sex offenders to make sure that they are living where they are telling us they are living at,” said Officer Sammy Motsenbocker, from the WFPD. 

Police hope this eases parent's concerns.

But they say the best thing you can do is research your neighborhood.

“Make sure you know where you are going before you are going in there ,” said Motsenbocker.

That way the only thing that will give you the creeps are those figures purposely created to scare.

Police say the best way to check your neighborhood is to go to the Texas Department of Public Safety website, to check your area click the link: https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffender/PublicSite/Index.aspx

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