Prison Inmate on the Loose Near Olney

A late night transport of prison inmates goes horribly wrong, as one man breaks free of police custody in the middle of the night.

Now the residents of one texoma town are on high alert, as that suspect remains on the loose.

At approximately one this morning, a police transport van carrying inmates stopped at the Allsup's gas station in Olney for a break.

It wasn't until they drove more than 100 miles down the road that they realized one of thier passengers was missing.

Now a town sits on the edge of their seats as police continue a massive manhunt.

Officers scour the outskirts of Olney searching for a 33 year old Micheal Rimmer who escaped police custody in the middle of the night Saturday and now has authorities across North Texas on his trail.

"We're continuing an extensive search, we have four-wheelers, I have five of my officers, a couple deputies from Young County." Said Olney Police Chief Barry Roberts.

Earlier this afternoon, Deputies found Rimmer's leg iron's, handcuffs and his t-shirt off of Springcreek Road, but Chief Roberts is optimistic that the fugitive hasn't skipped town.

"My hope is that he's laying still, hoping that we'll kind of slow down a little bit and then try to make a move and there's the possibility he could've hitched a ride with someone and be gone." Said Roberts.

Within Olney, residents are on the lookout and even people passing through are taking caution in this area, while keeping a watchful eye.

"I really hope they catch this guy, I mean it's a small town, a lot of people could be in danger, I was worried about us." Said Concerned Citizen Khabbab Saleem.

While Rimmer remains on the loose, authorities are getting the word out that people need to take caution. Although he is not expected to be armed, he is still very dangerous.

"Encouraged everyon to stay home, keep their doors locked and give us a call or report any suspicious activity." Said Roberts.

"I highly doubt we're going to see him, but we'll see, if we do we'll let the cops know." Said Saleem.

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