Product Expected to Fight Flu and Bacteria for Two Years at The Y

    Workout facilities often get a bad reputation during flu season.
    It's true, the virus can be spread by touching gym equipment or lockers, and your kiddos can pick it up just by playing with toys.
    Brandon Brown, president of the Wichita Falls YMCA, says, "This time of season and really all year round we just want to do whatever we can to be proactive in making sure we're doing the number one thing by our kids."
    Area YMCA's are stepping up their sanitizing techniques with mPERIAL and mPALE.
    Anthony DiSanto, who's with Sterile Tec, the company that makes the products, says, "The product is an anti-microbial product and it is used inside of facilities and applied to surfaces: floors, ceilings, walls, desks, cabinets, toys, furniture, you name it."
    "It bonds to the surfaces in your facility," Brown says.  "It doesn't just one-hundred percent take away all your cleaning.  We still want to clean and take those precautions, but it certainly adheres to the surfaces and stays there for two to three years."
    "What it does is give it a protective coating on the surface that continues to fight against bacteria, mold, fungus, algae," DiSanto says.
    The product is applied using a charged gun that sprays a fine mist on all surfaces.
    "This product kills by lancing the cells of the germ or the virus; thus, popping it like a balloon," DiSanto says.
    YMCA staff says they applied the product to every surface in their facility, so you and your family can feel safe at the gym this flu season.
    Brown says there's one YMCA location that doesn't have this product applied to machines and equipment yet.
    And he says his staff is already seeing a difference in that there's less illness in the gyms that do have this product.
    He says soon, all Wichita Falls YMCA equipment and buildings will be protected.
    If you want more information about the cleaning product the Y is now using, go to

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