Program Planned to Help Resident Save their Trees

- Decreasing lake levels around Texoma increased awareness for residents to water their trees.

Now, Stage 4 water restrictions in many cities, including Wichita falls, prohibits any outside watering.

Is there any hope for trees to continuing surviving this drought?

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension officials say many trees are stressed because of the lack of rain as well as from city water restrictions.

Thankfully, they say not all hope is gone and they plan to prove it through an upcoming program to help the public save their trees.

These trees at First Presbyterian Church in Wichita Falls may not be getting the water they need but experts say crews removing mistletoe is still helping them survive.

"Mistletoe is a parasite that robs the tree of nutrients and water."

Charlie Carr is a certified arborist and the owner of Texas Tree Elite Arbor Care.  He's also a featured speaker for an upcoming program to help the public save their trees.

In 2011, the lack of rain prompted the Wichita County Master Gardeners Association to start this campaign. Tree experts say that campaign helped because now many mature trees around town are alive. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension officials say their upcoming program will focus on additional tree saving tips.

"We can be doing some trimming, some pruning and some things so when these trees do come back out in the spring and if we do get some water that we're using that water efficiently," says David Graf, Wichita County natural resources extension agent.

And Graf and other tree experts will help residents continue saving their trees as Stage 4 water restrictions persist. Planning is still underway for the Saving My Tree program but it is set for March 1st at River Bend Nature Center.

Five speakers will discuss topics ranging from tree trimming do's and don'ts to optimizing soil moisture and fertilizer.

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