Rain a relief for ranchers in Texoma as feed prices soar

The rain and cooler weather that hit Texoma on Thursday came as a blessing for ranchers who've been dealing with extremely dry weather over the past many months.

The harsh conditions have caused crops like corn and wheat to die and has sent cattle feed skyrocketing.

Local dairy farmers like Frank Wolf, owner of Scot-Tex Dairy Farm, have been dealing with the rise in feed prices.

The farm is located in Scotland, Texas and has been up and running for more than 65 years.

Wolf has been able to stay afloat because of a contract that kept feed at a steady price but that contract is set to expire at the month.

He is worried this may send his costs through the roof.

"It is going to be pretty tough this next coming year," Wolf says.

Wolf says each year is different but the continuing drought is starting to put a dent in his wallet.

"We always figured we could take care of the cows... there would be enough to make us a living but it's pretty tough right now with feed prices being high and everything," Wolf says.

Dry conditions across most of the country have left crops like corn, wheat, hay and soybeans bone dry.

Wolf says the gloomy weather on Thursday will help even though it may be too late this season.

He says, "This rain we had today will help us as much as anything. Hopefully we can get in some wheat grazing which will cut out the grain for the beef cattle and stuff like that."

Wichita County Agricultural Extension Agent Fred Hall agrees.

Halls says the rain will help nourish pastures and help save the high-priced feed.

"When we have to buy hay instead of having the animal eat the range in pasture, that cost us more money," Hall says.

Wolf hopes everything will work out fine and will continue to work hard.

"We've been in it all our life, that's about all we know what to do is milk cows so I guess we'll hang in and hopefully make it," Wolf exclaims.

Wolf says that's their only choice.

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