Rain a Short Term Help As We Enter Winter Fire Season.

Extreme weather conditions during the summer can be dangerous for firefighters, especially when battling wild fires but the danger does not go away when temperatures drop during the winter months.

Wichita Falls Fire Department Assistant Chief John Reese says there are two fire seasons in Texas.

Reese says one ravages Texoma during the hot summer months and the other, the winter fire season, runs through January and February.

"The grass is just as dry today as it was in the middle of the hot summer time," Reese says.

Despite Wednesday's cooler temperatures and rainy weather, Reese does not think it will help Texoma's dry conditions.

He says it only gives people a false sense of security because we are still in a bad drought.

"We will always have a winter fire season because everything is dead," Reese says. "The moisture definitely help on short term... so if it rains and it's dry out. The ground may be muddy underneath but the tops of those fuels that are burning are still dry."

Reese says while firefighters are well trained on how to deal with wildfires during the summer, the winter fire season brings extra challenges like hypothermia and frost exposure.

"It's a lot harder to fight fires in the winter time when things are below freezing. You just move slower. You got icing on everything," Reese says.

A reminder that just because it is cold, doesn't mean it won't burn.

Reese says, "It can happen anytime of the year. We want to pray for rain and hope we get some but just because it's wet today doesn't mean something is not going to burn tomorrow."

In addition, when fire crews are battling wildfires in temperatures under 40 degrees, firefighters have a place on site where they can go and get warm called rehab.

Reese says firefighters are forced to take a break before they have to go back to work.

As a reminder, burn bans are still in place in Wichita County.

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