Rain Barrels Selling Out in Texoma as Rain Stays in Forecast

- Rain is finally in the forecast and it's creating a rush of hope and a rush in some home improvement stores.

Texomans are buying up rain barrels,  by the barrel, to try and store any water that may fall from the sky.

Lowe's sold its last rain barrel Thursday and employees say it could be awhile before they get any in. But you still have some options if you want to collect rain.

Rain barrels usually stay stacked up at Lowe's but with rain in the complete 7- day forecast, live nursery specialist Christian Peterson is wiped out and has none to offer.

“Right now, they're on back order again.  So, it could be up to two and a half weeks before we could get some in.  We've got 72 on order,” says Peterson.

But in the mean time, there are other options for rain collection like buying an extra trash can. Peterson says the difference is really just the look.

“There's really not much of a difference.  Actually you can have trash cans that are 45 gallons to 85 gallons, price range is gonna be about the same,” says Peterson.

Another method that can maximize the amount of water you collect is rerouting your gutters to flow into a container.

“Because you've got your roof that's wide area that's able to collect all that water so it goes into the rain barrel.  Otherwise you're looking at a barrel that's got a two and a half diameter that's catching water.  You'll catch more off the roof top." 

Peterson says if your container is translucent, you should cover it up to prevent algae from growing.

“I've seen trash bags like line um with the dark thick landscaping trash bags,” says Peterson.

If algae does grow, Peterson says it could contaminant your plants, and spoil what you've worked so hard to achieve.

We did contact a few other stores. Sutherland's and Atwoods Farm and Ranch still have rain barrels but, Tractor Supply is out as well.

If you get buckets or cans to collect rain, don't forget to get the biological wafers you can throw in any uncovered and sealed containers to kill any mosquito larvae that may try to make its home in the barrel.

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