Recent Rains Have Area Wheat Crops Off to a Good Start

It's the time of year when Texoma wheat farmers start planting crops.
Over the past few years the drought has caused a disappointing harvest but what impact might recent rains have on crops?
Mechell Dixon spoke with farming experts to find out.

Although evidence of recent rain no longer shows on the surface of the ground, farming experts say it does however remain where it's needed the most-- below the soil.
And because of that experts say this year's wheat crop is off to a good start.

This wheat field in Burkburnett is in the early stages of growth.
Wichita County Extension Agent David Graf says it, and many other wheat fields across Texoma, are showing promise thanks to recent rains.

"You can see the actual rows of the drill when they planted the seed in each of those individual, straight rows, when you can row that seed and see green out across there we've got a good start," Graf says.

Graf says another plus for area wheat fields is the depth of the soil moisture.
However, Graf says since the amount of rain has varied in different areas it is reflecting in the fields with some areas green and lush and others sparse.
But Graf says all hope is not yet lost.

"We've got to have some more rain soon but we've got enough to get these plants established.  If they can grow two to three inches of root mass below where they're planted and we get some more moisture and that continues to soak in.. we can still make a really good crop," explains Graf.

According to Graf, the soil moisture depth in Wichita County averages three to six inches, while the ideal amount is three to four feet.
Although a lot more rain is needed to reach that level, Graf says what we've had so far has been a huge help.

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