Record Breaking Number of Women Get CHL in Texas in 2013

- A record number of women got their concealed handgun licenses in the State of Texas in 2013.

Heather Reitsma, who is a co-owner and instructor at Point Blank CHL, says, "We're out in the evenings after work by ourselves, we're going out to the grocery store."

Henrietta resident Karla Baugh was one of them.

She says her husband had encouraged her to go to the classes, and it's an idea that grew on her.

"I like to know that I don't have to depend on somebody else to take care of me," Baugh says. "If I'm out and something happens, I can take care of myself."

From January to December last year, 66,989 women received their CHL, making up 27.61% of the total number of people who got their license.

That's nearly double the number of women who got their license in 2012, accounting for just over 24% of the total number of licenses issued.

The 2012 number was an increase in the number of women who got their CHL in 20-11, when women made up about 22% of those who got their license.

It's a trend that's mirrored at local gun ranges and CHL courses.

Organizers say they don't know for sure why more and more women are wanting concealed hand gun licenses.

"I can't say there was a specific event, but with handguns and going to the range and that and firearms being in the news more, I think maybe have helped with the women coming and getting their license," Reitsma says.

Nationally, officials say gun sales to women are on the rise, too.

Reitsma there's been a notable increase in the number of women taking courses at her business, so much so that they added a "for women only" CHL class.

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