Red Cross Has Already Helped Nine Displaced Families This New Year

- Cases are piling up at the local chapter of the Red Cross.

Susan Toole, a registered nurse with the Red Cross, says, "It started at, let me see, 10 o'clock New Year's Eve night, and it's been continuous since that time."

Katrina Farmer, executive director of the Red Cross, "We had the duplex fire here in Wichita Falls on Bell Street, we had one fire in Henrietta, we had another one in Lake Arrowhead, and another one in Vernon."

Because of those fires, nine families have lost their homes.

"And the Red Cross was there to help those people to make sure they had food, shelter, clothing, and medication replacement so they could move on in the new year," Farmer says.

Farmer says she's glad the organization can help the families in their time of extreme need, but she says helping so many families at one time is straining their resources.

"We want to be able to give these people what they need and not worry about how we're going to pay for the next family, so those donations, we need those to come in all year round to make sure that there's money for the next fire because who knows what tomorrow may bring," Farmer says.

She says the Red Cross always sees an increase in families displaced by fires when the weather turns cold, and with a cold snap expected these next few days, she says it's a scary time for the organization.

To donate to the local Red Cross, you can send a check, call 1 (800) RED CROSS, or go here

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