Renovations to Consolidate Several WFISD Schools Progressing

Earlier this year, Wichita Falls school officials discussed making changes in the district to better educate students.
And one of those changes was to consolidate two schools.
Renovations started two months ago and Mechell Dixon joins us with an update on the progress.

Renovations to consolidate students from Alamo and Sam Houston elementary into one school building and Zundy and Barwise Junior High students into another building actually start just before school ended for the summer.
And now, Wichita Falls school officials say one of those schools is almost ready.

Barwise Junior High still looks the same on the outside but inside, a change is underway.

"You'll see that we have the green and gold up on the walls. Furniture has been moved in.  They're waiting for the floors to be waxed to get ready to move all the desks in.  So, we're very close to near completion," says Cindy Tatum, chief financial officer at Wichita Falls ISD.

Once complete, Zundy Junior High student will join Barwise students here to learn.

"We did add some classrooms.  Took up some larger spaces and made some more classrooms available to the students," Tatum says.

But this isn't the only Wichita Falls school that's slated to combine students from two schools.
A flag lowering ceremony at Sam Houston and Alamo elementaries paved the way for students to consolidate into the Zundy Junior High's building where school officials say renovations are also underway.

"There are additions to classrooms, as well.  We have new tile going in.  We have new bathrooms being put in so that... just your basic new construction to renovate the facility," Tatum explains.

Cindy Tatum says renovations at both schools should be complete before the new school year begins next month.

The new schools will have new names.
Zundy will be called Zundy Elementary and Barwise will become Barwise Leadership Academy.
And, of course, both will open August 25th, the first day of the new school year.

Now Mechell, i know some people are wondering about the mascots at Barwise Leadership Academy.
Has that been decided?

It has.
Barwise will adopt the eagle, which is Zundy's mascost but school officials say Barwise's Bobcat Memorial will remain in the school lobby.

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