Residents at Lake Kickapoo are Thankful for Recent Rainfall

- Residents at Lake Kickapoo are certainly excited about all of the recent rain. One couple there who has been working hard to collect rain water as they learn how much every drop really counts.

Texomans have been praying for rain.

Residents at Lake Kickapoo are excited that their prayers have been answered.

Herb Bernhardt and Sally Bernhardt, Lake Kickapoo residents. 

"It's still coming up! We've been watching it come up, so that's good," Herb Bernhardt says.
The Bernhardt's have lived at Lake Kickapoo for seven years.

And over the years, the devastating drought has changed the lake, but over the past few weeks they say their spirits have been rising.

"If it rains up on the watershed up towards Seymour we've been told it takes about 72 hours to run out and fill up in the lake," Bernhardt says. 

But their excitement is not only for the rising lake levels, but for their own backyard.

"We have barrels everywhere and my husband pumps after each rain into these, so we can keep the trees and the plants out here on the patio green," Sally Bernhardt says.  

The Bernhardts are in the process of installing a 3,000 gallon tank that will be filled with all of the rain water they collect.

And, as they watch the lake rise from their backyard, they hope rain continues to fall.

If it does not, though, as more and more Texomans are now, they'll be prepared.

"We could catch enough water, with the annual rainfall of 7-8 inches of rainfall would provide enough water for us for a year, off of this size house," Bernhardt says.  

But before that happens, for now, they say they're just continuing to pray for rain.
The Bernhardts say its been great to see how the community at Lake Kickapoo has been banding together as they all continue to pray for rain.

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